Custom Sales Samples Program 

Miratec Systems is proud to offer free custom-made sales samples with your company’s logo and contact information.

Differentiate Your Company 

When your company is bidding against someone, or multiple companies, use your custom samples of PureColor Technology® to create a tangible point of difference between you and your competition.


Free Vinyl and/or Flexible Samples with Purchase

Purchase a digitally printed flexible or vinyl sign face with PureColor Technology® and receive 25 custom sales samples with your company name, logo, and contact information absolutely free! All we require is your company logo with your company’s specific color logo requirements sent to us electronically.

This means if you buy a digitally printed flexible sign face with PureColor Technology® you will receive 25 custom flexible face PureColor Technology® sales samples with your order. Alternatively, by ordering a digitally printed vinyl sign face with PureColor Technology® you will receive 25 custom vinyl PureColor Technology® sales samples. Order both and you will receive both flexible and vinyl sales samples!

PureColor Technology®

PureColor Technology® is the industry’s leading color management system. With incredible, front-lit/back-lit color control, consistency, and accuracy, PureColor Technology® enables your clients to capture their perfect color match. For more details on PureColor Technology™ click here > 

Custom Printed Vinyl Sign Face

with PureColor Technology® 

Custom Printed Flexible Sign Face

with PureColor Technology®