Miratec Systems

Miratec Systems is a family owned, wholesale-only graphics manufacturer that has been serving the sign industry for over 30 years.  We are a group of GungHo employees that work hard to make sure your graphics sourcing is as easy as possible.  We specialize in producing finished graphics for signs, windows, walls and floors; utilizing the latest cutting edge technologies.  Miratec Systems has pioneered advancements in the sign industry with PureColor Technology®, on-line ordering systems, on-time guarantees, unmatched warranties, and customer service. It matters to everyone at Miratec Systems that what we deliver is of the highest quality because we know how important it is to our customers. We Make Graphics Easy.


We Make Graphics Easy:

we know you have a lot going on, that is why we want to make the graphics portion as easy as possible.

We cannot help you with every aspect of the sign manufacturing process but the graphics portion we make incredibly easy. When you outsource your graphics from us you are getting so much more than just graphics. You are receiving our color technology, 100% warranty coverage, on time guarantee, easy ordering and scheduling, industry connections, and our expert graphic consultants. Parts of your job are stressful… we make the graphics part easy.


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