Front-lit/Back-lit Consistency

Is PureColor Technology the most advanced day/night color management system in the sign industry?

YES! With Miratec Systems proprietary PureColor Technology you can provide your customers with incredible front-lit and back-lit color control, consistency, and accuracy; making all other printing methods obsolete. PureColor Technology is the most innovative solution for back-lit applications, where color consistency and accuracy is essential. Sign shops all over the country (and world) take advantage of this enhancement and offer their customers better quality at the same competitive prices.


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PureColor Technology Super Splice®

Did Miratec Systems create a solution to the dark splice line in vinyl?

YES! When a rigid sign is over 60 inches in length it will require a splice that will anchor two separate vinyl graphics together.  This common but unpopular construction method causes a darker line to appear in the sign face when back-lit.  Miratec Systems Super Splice will eliminate this dark back-lit line making your sign face appear to be seamless. This is one of the many ways PureColor Technology is advancing expectations in the sign industry.


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Dual Image

Can I get one image during the day and a different one at night? 

YES!  Using the power of PureColor Technology, Miratec Systems has found a way to give our customers one image front-lit or during the day and a completely different personality and image back-lit at night.  This innovation enables designers to be extremely creative and can allow a business that is open 24 hours to have two different looks. 


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Color Tuning & Testing

Does Miratec Systems have the ultimate color tuning and matching system? 

YES! There is no longer a need to compromise on color performance with your customers.  Simply put, we know color and we hit color.  Printing a color the same front-lit and back-lit is one of our strengths but tuning color to be brighter, richer and more noticeable at night is our secret weapon!  We can even match custom vinyl films in short runs if needed. This is why we are the only printer specified on some of the biggest brand programs in the world.

Project Consistency

Will a sign face today be the same color as a sign face from two weeks ago? 

YES! Consistency for many projects can be vital. We can provide sign graphics that will match color standard from the very first location to the last location. Miratec Systems has been specified in some of the largest brand programs in the world, knowing the importance of having all locations be uniform in their brand standards. This is why in most cases we have been the only company that can keep our promises with brand consistency.