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Sales, Profits and Cash Management


If we could turn the clock back to the ‘50’s, ‘60’s and ‘70’s, companies were oftentimes able to succeed by management's focus on the top line, that is, sales…if the sales dollars were there somehow everything else seemed to fall into place.

Then, as the ‘80’s arrived & the pace of change accelerated, management was forced to pay increasing attention to the bottom line, that is, profits…business became more and more competitive; equipment became more expensive & the management who failed to make that transition often went by the wayside.

These trends continued & by the ‘90’s not only were sales important; not only were profits important but the generation & management of cash became absolutely crucial not only for success but also for survival.

Almost without regard to the complexity of economic conditions, management must become more skilled at managing the financial resources of their companies.


This seminar, for senior managers, is not intended to teach “accounting” but rather the concepts of financial management & the audience will…

          • Achieve a better understanding of financial statements & their use as a management tool.

          • Rise to a higher level of sensitivity as to the financial impact of, virtually, every decision they
           make in the daily management of their companies.

          • Achieve an understanding of the importance of positive cash flow as the single most critical
            financial factor in business management today.

          • Achieve a better understanding of the credit worthiness of their companies as viewed by a
            potential lender.

          • Better understand the keys to financial & corporate success.


This “roll up your sleeves” seminar is even more critical when economic conditions test the skill of management to sustain their companies, pay their bills & avoid the huge negatives which less skilled managers face.