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 Running the Rapids


We see examples all around us that not only is the pace of change creating tremendous stress in people’s lives, but also, that the pace of change is accelerating. There is simply not enough time for people to get everything done.

For many people, simply keeping their head above water is the best they can hope for. This probably explains why virtually every human resource survey conducted indicates that “more free time” is the number one desire of today’s worker. Not more money; not more prestige; not more responsibility but more free time!

Individual experiences with rapid change differ. Some seem to thrive, many seem to succeed and a large number seem to be drowning. Why is this?


In this program the audience will learn:

          • That they’re not alone, that stress and frustration are a normal part of living.

          • That as human beings we have the power of choice. We don’t have to catch
            every ball thrown our way.

          • To identify those occurrences in our lives that are likely to cause stress and
            how to deal with them.

          • That our attitude, not our aptitude determines our altitude.

          • That in addition to a Statue of Liberty perhaps we need a Statue of Responsibility.

          • That success alone will not lead to happiness unless it’s accompanied by fulfillment.

          • Life’s waters are turbulent. But in each torrent of rushing water lies a pool of tranquility;
            if only we can find it.


This program is based on the premise that the key to happiness in our lives lies not in increasing our tolerance level for stress and anxiety but rather in recognizing their sources and learning how to minimize their effect. This in not simply a “feel good” presentation but one, which will enhance the attendee’s productivity and sense of self- satisfaction both personally and professionally.