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Leadership Beyond Management


Ever since the first entrepreneur hired their very first employee, management has struggled to develop and implement the tools, systems and procedures necessary to assure business success. And, while these elements remain essential, current thinking recognizes the added importance of employee commitment, enthusiasm and eagerness to contribute to an organization's goals.

Management theory has not been replaced but it is evolutionary. Today, much greater recognition is given to the vision and interpersonal skills of the manager as a team leader than ever before.

It's simply no longer possible to succeed by pushing our people. As owners and managers we must develop the skills to lead our people into the future.. .with vision.


In this program the audience will learn:

          • The essential differences between management and leadership skills.

          • The twelve characteristics every successful leader possesses.

          • Practical ways in which today's manager can integrate leadership concepts and style into their
            everyday activities.

          • Why the development of leadership skills is so critical to today's manager.

          • The rewards of developing leadership skills.


In an age of growing labor shortages and increasing complexity in the workplace, working our people harder is not the answer. We must find ways to lead them to heights they've never experienced before and one of the ways we can do this is through Leadership Beyond Management.