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I Used To Be Rigid, But Now I’m Just Inflexible!


The changes that occur in society and in our lives are inevitable but the stress that comes with them is oftentimes a matter of choice!

It’s true our world is changing. In some ways that are obvious & in some ways that are much more subtle…in some positive ways and in some not so positive.

So why is it that some folks enthusiastically embrace change & others resist it; why do some folks see change as an adventure & others as a road hazard on the pathway of life?


In his remarks Bert Guinee will explore:

          • The social and technological changes that have & continue to occur in our world.

          • The means to deal with those changes.

          • How to not just survive but thrive in a changing world.

          • How to see change as a harbinger of good things to come.


Bert Guinee’s programs have received widespread acclaim & his comments have oftentimes been referred to as “life changing”! His humor & practical suggestions will lighten our day & prepare us for a brighter tomorrow.