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Employee Behavior vs. Management Expectations


The scenario goes something like this; you’re a $5MM company & you pride yourself on your total capabilities; design, manufacturing, sales, installation & service of all types of signage & visual communications in a mid-size market of 500,000.

As a company you’re sitting on a bubble; too small to afford some of the staff services you’d like to have, but big enough to need them. As a result everyone is exceptionally busy & oftentimes wearing multiple hats. Sometimes the tensions run high!

You, as the owner, are working long hours & barely seem to be keeping up with it.

Business is good—maybe too good -- & this alone is creating pressures. You remember the “good old days”…when your company was half the size but you were having twice the fun! Why is this?   


In this workshop, attendees will be exposed to some of the most difficult human resource issues facing today’s business owners. Issues such as: 

          • Deteriorating product & service quality & the lack of employee ownership.

          • Employee dependency issues.

          • Employee initiative problems and lack of teamwork.

          • “Churning” in employment rolls.

          • A non-motivated workforce.


Sometimes you wonder if the problems are all worth it. You find yourself asking; “why don’t my employees perform up to my expectations”…”why do we seem to deal with the same problems over and over”…”why don’t my employees see things the way I do”…”why do I feel like a slave to the business”? "I know I need help but I don’t know where to turn…if someone could just 'show me the light' I’m sure everything would be okay!"

This audience driven, workshop is designed to assist today’s harried manager deal with these problems.