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Creative Design For A Competitive Edge!


The economy is in great stress…sales are hard to come by & profits are even more elusive!

Companies all over the world are asking themselves how to survive in these economic conditions. What is the answer?

Resourceful managers know that to not only survive but actually thrive they must find a competitive edge that sets them apart from their competitors…one that answers that key, but often unspoken question in the prospects mind, why should I buy from you??

For many visual communications manufacturers the answer lies within their own organizations…in their own design centers & within the creative minds of those designers that they already employ.

Creative design can set companies apart from one another & can translate into that competitive edge that seems so difficult to achieve. It can enable them to force competitors to compete in their arena rather than the competitors which oftentimes is that of price! And, the technologies to execute those creative designs already exist.


In this session the audience will learn:

          • How to use creative design to gain a competitive edge.

          • How to present the on-premise sign as a true advertising medium.

          • How to present creative design as a means for the sign buyer to grow their business.

          • What opportunities exist in the market to broaden the attendee’s client base.

          • How to grow profits.


This session is intended to provide the audience with a basic working knowledge of the value of creative design & digital imaging to the future success of their companies & to broaden their vision of how to position their companies for future growth & prosperity.