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All Great Coaches Aren't Jocks!

From the age of the Industrial Revolution to the dawn of the Twenty-First Century, management styles and the belief systems that supported them have evolved dramatically.

Techniques that were commonplace as recent as 15 – 20 years ago are as outdated today as the dinosaur is extinct.

Today’s manager must have incredibly diverse skills including the ability to coach employees to their full potential. Coaching, as a management skill, is no longer an option; it’s an absolute requirement.

And, to build a winning team in today’s business climate mandates that management accept their responsibility to do everything in their power to help their employees be as successful as they can possibly be.

In this program the audience will learn…

          • To think outside of the box.

          • The true role of management in today’s competitive environment.

          • The difference between coaching, counseling and mentoring and when each is appropriate.

          • The importance of distinguishing between employee attitude and behavior.

          • Why employees fail to perform to expectations.

          • The significance of motivation, leadership and correction.

          • Which techniques work and which do not

  • How to turn marginal performers into winning employees.

All Great Coaches Aren't Jocks is based on the simple premise that every manager has
the potential to be a great coach and leader.