Things I Told My Children                                                               

Life Lessons from a Father


Unfortunately, there is no schooling for parenting.

Each of us learns from those who preceded us, and we teach our children through our words and actions.  Sometimes we learn and ultimately teach things that should be done and sometimes we learn and teach things that shouldn’t be done!

Many books have been written on the subject such as, “Guide to Good Parenting,” and many other similar books.  Certainly there is some commonality to the message in each and the objective of this program is not to rehash those messages, but rather to focus on a few lessons which, I believe have stood the test of time.  Could there be more; could there be others, certainly!

In this program I will describe a few that have stood me well:

        “Follow your dreams and never fear failure!”

        “Life is a series of choices, so live your values!”

        “To have a friend, you must be a friend!”

        “Treasure nature and respect the environment!”

        “There is no such thing as a free lunch!”

        “Reputations are hard to build, but easy to lose!”

        “Know and appreciate the power of prayer!”

        “Never, ever forget to say thank you!”

Communications between parent and child is critical and we communicate not only with words, but actions as well.  No 20 minute discourse will provide the elixir to fill the communication gaps that might exist, but it can get the audience thinking!