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Strategies in Outsourcing


In the 1800's and before, virtually all manufactured products were produced by a single skilled craftsman or at most by small groups with little or no division of labor. The carriage builder produced everything from the ground up including hanging the fringe on top; the gunsmith, the blacksmith, etc. did likewise.

With the advent of the assembly line, vertical integration became the mantra as companies recognized the need to be assured of a reliable, steady flow of interchangeable parts and products.

But like a swinging pendulum, this trend is reversing itself. Today, it's not possible for a business to be all things to all people - the age of specialization is reality in all industries and the question is no longer "can" something be produced in-house, but rather "should" it be.


In this program the audience will learn:

          • How to identify core competencies as an aid in outsourcing decisions.

          • How to evaluate the "make or buy" decision.

          • How to qualify potential outsourcing resources and how to monitor their performance.

          • The "Bill of Rights" for both the buyer and the seller.

          • Lastly, how to grow one's business by doing less.


Strategies In Outsourcing is an interactive seminar designed to aid the audience to better understand how a company can grow without committing to "bricks & mortar"... even in a difficult labor market. The attendee will leave with an understanding of why outsourcing has emerged as an essential growth strategy for forward thinking companies.