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Miratec Systems, Inc. Celebrates 25 Years

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On June 20, 2013 Miratec Systems proudly celebrated their 25th year anniversary in the electric sign industry. After spending 21 years at 3M, Founder and President Bert Guinee wrote the strategic plan that would serve to launch his own company, Miratec Systems. Opening its doors in 1988, Miratec Systems was the first wholesale-only graphics company in the electric sign industry.  25 years later, Bert Guinee has continued to demonstrate Miratec’s dedication to providing a quality product, on-time, at a fair price, and with respect for its customers.


A company founded on innovation, Miratec Systems has continued to develop new technologies and practices within the electric sign industry.  In 2001, Miratec was responsible for introducing direct-to-flexible sign face printing to the industry on a national scale. Then in 2005, Miratec developed mirror image, day and night color consistent technology, and most recently, in 2012 announced their proprietary PureColor Technology® color management system.


In 2013, Bert Guinee’s commitment to technology has never been stronger, “as we look to the future, we continue to find ways to serve our customers with world class service.” 

Miratec Systems Introduces PureColor Technology®

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Here at Miratec Systems, we recently announced a major advancement in the back-lit color management of our Miratec Systems® Digitally Printed Sign Faces. PureColor Technology® is the latest innovation for back-lit applications where color consistency and accuracy is essential. Sign shops all over the country can take advantage of this improvement and offer their customers better quality at the same competitive prices.

“PureColor Technology makes mirror-image printing obsolete. With our new technology, the days of compromising on color accuracy, too dark in the daylight and washing out when back-lit, are gone,” said Bert Guinee, Miratec Systems President.

“It’s going to really change the way we do things going forward, and we are proud to bring this value adding feature to our customers.”

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