On June 20, 2018 Miratec Systems proudly celebrated their 30th year anniversary in the electric sign industry. After spending 21 years at 3M, Founder and President Bert Guinee and his wife Carol Guinee wrote the strategic plan that would serve to launch Miratec Systems. Opening its doors in 1988, Miratec Systems was the first wholesale-only graphics company in the electric sign industry.  30 years later, Miratec Systems dedication to providing a quality product, on-time, at a fair price, and with respect for its customers continues to thrive.

A company founded on innovation, Miratec Systems has continued to develop new technologies and practices within the Wholesale- Only Sign Graphics industry.  In 2001, Miratec was responsible for introducing direct-to-flexible sign face printing to the industry on a national scale. Then in 2005, Miratec developed mirror image, day and night color consistent technology, and most recently, in 2012 announced their proprietary PureColor Technology® color management system. 2017 Miratec Systems developed the industry’s first answer to the displeasing dark splice line that occurs when joining two pieces of vinyl. This solution, the Super Splice has solved one of the most frustrating problems in the sign industry. Check out the Super Splice here.

Miratec systems looks forward to continue listening, innovating, and advancing the sign industry for years to come. Thank you to all of our customers past, current, and future for giving Miratec Systems the ability to provide our dedication and promise to the sign industry.

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The Miratec Systems Super Splice is an exclusive product achievement that eliminates an age old problem! When installing printed graphics that utilize vinyl and exceed 60 inches, a splice line has always been visible.  Today, when two pieces of vinyl are joined together to complete a graphic, they must be overlapped 3/8 to ensure stability and prevent light leaks.  When back-lit, this overlap creates a very noticeable line in the graphic at the exact location of this splice.  Everyone in the industry has noticed this line, and until now, has accepted it. The consensus is that the seam line as it’s commonly referred to, is undesirable but also unavoidable.

At Miratec Systems, our Pure Color® Technology has helped us perfect an innovative and invisible way to join two pieces of clear vinyl. The Miratec Systems Super Splice gives the stability needed to prevent light leaks, and most excitingly causes the splice line to disappear when back-lit! It will perform as though there is no splice whatsoever!

The Super Splice will eliminate not only an unsightly splice line but also the need to figure out a custom splice placement that can often add cost to a project.   The appearance of a seam-free graphic can set the work of a company apart from the competition and be a huge advantage when bidding on projects.  The Super Splice, along with Pure Color Technology, is necessary to create the very best vinyl prints available!

The Miratec Systems Super Slice is:


1. Needed

 The Super Splice solves a widespread problem of a dark splice line, that has frustrated the industry for years.

2. Unique

Unlike Anything Currently in the Marketplace: The Super Splice is a unique, one-of-a-kind product.

3. Innovative

 The Super Splice is the result of years of research driven by Pure Color® Technology

4. Guaranteed

The Super Splice has been thoroughly tested and proven to be durable and sustainable.

5. Valuable

The Super Splice will be a highly desirable alternative to the current industry standard.





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SAINT PAUL, MN –Miratec Systems, Inc., manufacturer of wholesale sign graphics, announced the promotion of Marty Guinee to President and Chief Executive Officer.  Marty has seen continual growth through his 15 years with Miratec Systems, from his first position as Marketing Coordinator all the way to Vice President and General Manager.

In his CEO and Presidential role, Guinee will work with all departments ensuring proper guidance and leadership, while managing the overall operations and resources of the company.  He will be acting as the direct point of communication, as well as a key influence in the effort of bringing innovative products and solutions to the market place; keeping Miratec Systems as the industry’s leader in quality and breakthroughs.

"Miratec Systems has enjoyed excellent growth under his direction and leadership and he is more than qualified to lead the company to the next level of growth and service to our industry,” explained Co-Founders Bert and Carol Guinee. “As Founders of Miratec Systems, establishing a legacy that we could pass on to the next generation was critically important to us and we’re confident that the legacy will not only be preserved but also enhanced.”

“I joined Miratec Systems 15 years ago because I wanted to be a part of a company where I could grow and thrive in an exceptionally unique industry,” states Marty Guinee. “I am looking forward to bringing my experience and knowledge of this industry into my leadership role, here at Miratec Systems.  This opportunity will give me a chance to implement new ideas and innovative solutions to help the sign industry.”