PureColor Technology

With Miratec Systems’ proprietary PureColor Technology® you can provide your customer incredible front-lit and back-lit color control, consistency, and accuracy. PureColor Technology® makes mirror-image printing obsolete.

PureColor Technology® is the latest innovation for back-lit applications where color consistency and accuracy is essential. Sign shops all over the country can take advantage of this improvement and offer their customers better quality at the same competitive prices. 

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Color Control 

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Built to Last.

Miratec Systems® Printed Sign Faces are built to last.

That’s why we offer the longest and strongest warranty in the industry,  up to 7 years with no pro-rating.  Miratec Systems offers choices for your needs.  Everything from 2, 5, and 7 year full replacement warranties. 

With Miratec Systems exclusive PureColor Technology®, the days of compromising on color accuracy, too dark in the daylight and washing out when back-lit, are gone. PureColor Technology® is advancing the industry, and we are proud to bring this value adding feature to our customers.”
— Bert Simpson, Founder