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Managing The Human Resource


Achieving success in today’s complex and competitive business environment requires that companies strive for higher productivity from all available resources, especially the human resource. The reality of a “tight labor market” is that it’s the norm for the future not the exception. The pool of qualified, affordable human resources is simply not growing as fast as necessary and as a result, managers must find new and better ways to help their people work smarter, not just harder.

To do this, managers need a better understanding of employee behavior and to learn the simple steps they can use to manage their employees to a higher level of performance and productivity.


In this program the audience will learn:

          • About real world examples of unacceptable employee behavior and what
            to do about them.

          • Why it’s important to manage behavior rather than attitude.

          • How to identify possible root causes of inappropriate employee behavior.

          • How to turn “people problems” from the most difficult part of the manager’s job to
            the most fulfilling.

          • Why 90% of the employee problems that a typical manager faces are really
            management problems.


This program addresses employee motivation and management techniques while dispelling the “amateur psychologist” style of management. The attendee will learn how to focus on behavior rather than attitude and the simple steps that can be employed to manage employees to a higher level of performance and productivity.