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The Technology of Signage; A Historical Perspective


If the old saw that “the only constant is change,” nowhere is that more evident than in the sign industry. Many of the changes our industry has witnessed have been evolutionary, as with any industry…but some have been truly revolutionary!

If we look back even as recent as the 1960’s, the changes in our personnel, their demographics, their skill sets and their approach to business, have been dramatic. And we have all had to adjust our thinking and our practices as to how we manage our businesses.

Of course, human resource changes are only part of the story!


In this program the audience will travel down a memory lane of change:

        • What cultural changes have occurred and what impact have they had on industry participants?

        • How have sign companies themselves evolved as the market has changed?

        • What stalwarts of the industry in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s are virtually non-existent today?

        • How have materials changed the industry and was it always for the best?

        • How have technologies, not just in the shop but throughout our companies, impacted us?

        • What does the future hold?


This program is based on a career in the industry by one who has witnessed, firsthand, many of the changes we've experienced. It’s thought provoking, inspiring and most important it’s fun! Heavy visual support contributes to examples many can relate to, often with fond memories of days gone by!