Custom Flood Coat Vinyl

If you are in need of a custom color vinyl or a smaller amount of vinyl but don’t want to buy a whole roll; PureColor Technology® custom flood coat vinyl is the perfect solution. MIratec Systems provides you the very best color matching with the strongest warranty in the Industry.

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Channel Letters
Custom Colors With No Vinyl Match
Graphics With Gradients


Material Options

Our preferred choice of materials are 3M products in turn giving you the highest quality graphic. Our most popular option for custom flood coat vinyl is printing on clear film due to the fact that it is normally applied to white plastic.


our difference

Miratec Systems PureColor Technology® mimics vinyl in that it will not wash out when back lit, ensuring absolute front-lit/back-lit color control. Our “It’s On Time or It’s On Us” shipping guarantee combined with fast turn-around-time, exacting standards on colors match, and a wide array of available materials and constructions will ensure success on your custom flood coat vinyl project. Our Graphic Consultants are here to assist you in finding the best solution.