we make graphics easy:

we know you have a lot going on, that is why we want to make the graphics portion as easy as possible.

We cannot help you with every aspect of the sign manufacturing process but the graphics portion we make incredibly easy. When you outsource your graphics from us you are getting so much more than just graphics. You are receiving our color technology, 100% warranty coverage, on time guarantee, easy ordering and scheduling, industry connections, and our expert graphic consultants. Parts of your job are stressful… we make the graphics part easy.

What Is a Wholesale-Only Sign Graphics Manufacturer?

Wholesale-Only Sign Graphics Manufacturer means that we do not sell graphics to your customer or the end user.  If the local owner of a business wants to buy a sign graphic from us, we will not sell to them.  Our graphics only go to your sign company as a partnership, you turnaround and install that graphic and make money on it.  Think of us as your secret behind the scenes weapon that offers the most visually stunning, highest quality sign faces, that you take all the credit for.  The most important piece of any sign is the face, without the graphic the sign is useless.  This is why we have dedicated our company at being the absolute best at manufacturing graphics.  

Why Should I Outsource My Sign Printing? 

Outsourcing sign printing is proving to be more profitable for sign companies.  Many sign companies do not see the long term cost in printing all of their own graphics.  This is why the most profitable sign companies in the world outsource most of their graphics. Miratec Systems saves you money in the long run getting you the best possible graphics, backed by 100% coverage warranty.  Below are just some of the problems that we can solve, helping you be more profitable in the long run and making your job easier.     


Having to order specialty rolls of a certain color and not using all of the material, creates waste and lost money.  Not to mention that this roll will sit in your inventory taking up space until it expires.  With us you get only what you need and don't pay for additional waste and space.

EXPERT Consulting

Our Graphic Consultants are experts in the sign printing industry.  This is why you can look to Miratec Systems for new technologies and innovations.  When it comes to color matching, solution recommendations, and personable communication, we are simply the best. 


Testing printing methods and colors can be expensive if done in house. This process takes trial and error that leads to wasted material, resources, and time. It takes a team of professionals with years of experience to get it done right and efficiently.

Space Constraints

Doing all your sign printing in-house can take up a great deal of room in your facility.  Creating room for large grand format printers and stocking standard inventory can take up crucial building space and cost a fortune.  We can be an extension of your manufacturing facility.

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